1. Find Apartments Accepting Applications (Listings)

    Find high-quality, affordable rental housing opportunities located throughout Alameda County on the listing page of this Housing Portal.

    The simplest way to find opportunities that are accepting applications is to visit the affordable housing portal within the area you wish to live.

  2. Check Eligibility

    Determine if your household meets the requirements for the property.

    Affordable housing is reserved for people with limited income and/or other special circumstances. Applicants will need to assess their ability to meet the population and income requirements at the property for which they choose to apply.

  3. Apply Online

    You will be asked to complete a short application for a unit at that property.

    Be sure to complete your application by the date specified on the property. Properties listed on the web portal require a minimum amount of information to be submitted on a “short-form” digital or paper application.

  4. Get the results

    You will be contacted by the property manager with further instructions.

    The time between submitting your application and being contacted by the property manager depends on the number of vacancies in the property. It may vary from a couple of weeks to months and in some cases can take up to several years. Some people will not be selected for the next step in the process because they do not qualify to live in the apartment due to their income or other reasons.

  5. Get Prepared for Placement

    If you are notified that you are moving forward in the application process, there will be two next steps: 1) submitting identification documents and financial information to the property manager; and 2) meeting with the property manager.